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With our main aim being helping our users to get the best out of punting, here’s a comprehensive review of one of Nigeria’s leading bookmakers Bet9ja. But first things frst: be sure to use our Bet9ja promotion code ‘SPORTMAX’ which is exclusive to to get a unique bonus offer when you create a bet9ja account.

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betj9a bookmaker

Over the years, Bet9ja has staked its claim in the Nigerian sports betting market as it’s been able to reach out to the needs of punters in terms of a superb sports betting experience.

Bet9ja is strictly restricted to Nigeria, which is why it isn’t quite well known around the globe when compared to the big names like bet365 and William Hill, although it’s considered a mainstream bookmaker within Nigeria’s borders.

It’s owned and controlled by KC Gaming Networks limited. Bet9ja was launched in 2013, and considering how many punters are on the Bet9ja bandwagon there’s no doubt that they’re right up there with the best bookmakers in Nigeria. Their tech center is in Europe so we presume the location speaks for itself in terms of reliability and accountability.

Bet9ja is licensed by the Lagos State lotteries board which also gives it the the ability to operate across other parts of the country.

The number of punters in Nigeria have more than doubled over the last five years with more people eager to get their own slice of the punting pie, and Bet9ja have duly delivered by providing the one of the best bookmaker services in Nigeria.

Bet9ja operates online as well as in-shop, with a number of betting outlets across Nigeria but as you would expect, online betting is most definitely the best option for any punter as it’s a more convenient way of staking on games.

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BET9ja in-shop betting

There are a number of Bet9ja outlets in Nigeria which provide an avenue for staking.

Making use of the betting outlets won’t prove to be much of a hassle unlike Bet9ja’s local counterparts who seem to have thrown caution out the window in terms of comfort and convenience.

Each Bet9ja betting outlet has at least one attendant who helps in registering betting slips on the database along with passing out useful info to customers. But if you’d rather try your hand in Online betting, sign up on using our Bet9ja promo code SPORTMAX.

Online betting

The Bet9ja website has somewhat of a simple layout for both mobile and PC platforms with all widgets and options placed in visible positions.

The mobile site has a more simplistic outlook than it’s PC counterpart with many boxes put in place leading to different betting options such as Bet9ja’s soccer, horse racing and Casino portals.

On the main computer site, the betting options are grouped into many different categories for the sports offered by Bet9ja along with the casino ninche.

Let’s say you want to bet on a football match, you’d have to select the soccer category and then move on to selecting the League before you see the available fixtures for selection in a particular League. It’s a straightforward process.

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Here are the sports offered by Bet9ja:

  • American football,
  • Basketball,
  • Cycling,
  • Football (soccer),
  • Handball,
  • Horse Racing,
  • Ice Hockey,
  • Motor Sport,
  • Rugby,
  • Snooker,
  • Tennis,
  • Winter Sports.

Bonuses in Bet9ja

You can make use of our exclusive Bet9ja Promotion code SPORTMAX upon registration to get a unique bonus courtesy of

The Bet9ja bonus offer enables first time customers to receive a 100% first deposit bonus up to a maximum of 100,000 Naira. For example, you deposit ₦3,000 you get ₦3,000, you deposit ₦10,000 you get ₦10,000 although if you deposit more than ₦100,000 you’d still get a return of ₦100,000.

To be eligible for this offer you must deposit a minimum of 500 Naira, any further deposits will not count towards the first deposit bonus.

The Bonus amount remains non-withdrawable until the total funds (First Deposit + Welcome Bonus) have been wagered a minimum of 5 times (5 different bets) on odds equivalent to 1.80 or higher for each of the 5 bets.

Please note that creation of multiple accounts for the purpose of receiving this bonus won’t be tolerated by Bet9ja one bit as they would close down both accounts once they find out so don’t breach their rules and regulations.

Accumulator bets also attract a lot of bonuses as expected, although Bet9ja’s Accumulator bonuses are somewhat high when compared to other bookmakers.

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Betting Odds

Bet9ja arguably offers the best odds in the Nigerian sports betting market, especially in football with a lot of impressive odds.

So basically with Bet9ja you win bigger as opposed to other bookies. If you’re the type that likes to go for the huge wins then Bet9ja has something for you, their combination bets yield amazingly high odds on sports events such as football where you can bet on halftime/full-time wins, over 2.5/both teams to score bets are also available along with a wealth of other combo options.

Bet9ja also offer live betting to its customers meaning you can bet In-Play on the available sports events. In football games, the live odds change almost every minute up until the final whistle.

Sadly there isn’t any sort of live streaming feature available on Bet9ja so you don’t get the added benefit of being able to view your favourite sporting events on your bookie, although they have a live score section which enables the user to keep track of their ongoing bet.

Bet9ja are also doing their part in terms of job creation for the economy as interested parties can simply apply online to become a part of the Bet9ja family and open a franchise, this also helps the company at large to reach out to more potential customers.

We urge our Nigerian customers to patronize Bet9ja so as to enjoy a quality betting experience. We like to provide the best tools for sports betting that’s why we have our Bet9ja promotion code SPORTMAX available for use upon registration on the site.

bet9ja betting

How to make a deposit and withdrawal on Bet9ja?

There are just four ways for you to fund your Bet9ja account, please take note that all four methods required at least 100 Naira to be processed.

Let’s take a look at the four funding options :

1. ATM or Debit card

ATM or debit card is by far the easiest way to fund your Bet9ja account, it’s as easy as just going to the Bet9ja website and selecting the ATM option. All you have to do from there on is to input the amount you’d like to fund your account with along with the other details and voila your account’s funded.

2. UBA Instant Bank Transfer:

Bet9ja has the option of funding your account by transferring money through any UBA bank in Nigeria. All you have to do is to get the teller to remit money to KC Gaming Networks using the bank account number which is available on the site, to Bet9ja user ID will also be required to process the transaction, you can find that on the top right corner of the website when you’re logged in on the site. The bank will then confirm the transaction and your Bet9ja account will be credited. As stated on the website, it is important to keep hold of your receipt as a proof of payment.



3. Deposit Through GT Bank:

What if you don’t have a UBA account?  Well then there’s the GT Bank Internet banking option which you can use to fund your account with no stress or Hassle. Simply go to the GTB Bank website and access your internet banking section. Once you select the payment options tab, a list of merchants will appear. Select “Bet9ja” from this list. Next, enter your unique User ID which is at the top right corner of the Bet9ja website and the amount you wish to fund and continue. Once payment has been made, the account will instantly be credited for no cost at all.

4. Zenith Bank Direct Transfers:

You can also visit any Zenith Bank outlet in Nigeria in order to fund your Zenith Bank account. To do this, your teller would have to make use of XPath to transfer the money to KC Gaming Networks (remember, the account number is live on the site).

Your unique User ID is also prerequisite for this funding method as it will enable the transaction to be traced back to your account (User ID is located at the top right of your screen on the Bet9ja homepage). A few security questions might be thrown at you before the payment is verified (it’s just standard procedure). At this point once payment is completed, your Bet9ja account will be credited and you’ll be issued a receipt (remember the receipt is very important – do not throw it away).

bet9ja withdrawal and deposit


Now that you know how to deposit money surely you’re keen on knowing how to withdraw the cash you make after bashing the bookies, we’ll here’s all the info you need :

Bet9ja strictly makes use of Bank Transfer to allocate funds to their customers which in turn means that the only way to withdraw winnings at Bet9ja is via bank transfer.

It’s not really as disadvantageous as it seems though as the Bank Transfer doesn’t incur any additional cost whatsoever and processing the bank transactions only take little over 24 hours.

Keep in mind that you can only withdraw a minimum of ₦5000 at one go. And please be sure to make use of our exclusive Bet9ja Promotion code when you register on the site to get more money for initial staking which in turn makes bashing the bookies even sweeter.

Customer Service

You might be wondering “where do I file all my complaints?”. Well Bet9ja have a very potent and friendly customer service which is keen on meeting the needs of every customer as user satisfaction is one of their main selling points.

Customers can get in-touch with a member of the support staff directly via the email address cs@, or over the phone via their official customer service number 01- 4405145.

Although the quickest and most efficient way of reaching the customer service is through the live chat feature which allows you to get in touch with a customer service agent in real time in order to ensure easy and quick resolution of issues.

Match fixing

Match Fixing is one phenomenon that has plagued the sports betting market for a number of years and we feel it’s important that we address it.

Some people assume that Bookies fix some matches in order to constantly collect money from ‘unsuspecting’ punters while others believe that Match Fixing is orchestrated by some organisations which are set up solely for that purpose as well and also to enrich themselves, while the accusations placed on the bookies are completely untrue, the ones about match fixing organizations is somewhat plausible if you look at it from a pragmatic point of view.

There’s no doubt that every punter has had cause to believe that match fixing actually exists, probably because a sure-fire winning went out the window at the final minute or something of that sort.

For example : A punter places a bet on the best team in the division to secure a win over the team that’s lying low at rock-bottom of the table,  and during the course of the game everything goes just fine then all of a sudden the worse team pulls off somewhat of an epic comeback to win the game’ this type of thing has happened to every punter at least once or twice although it doesn’t necessarily mean the match was fixed as we should remember that luck also plays it’s part in sports.

Although judging by investigations which were undergone by football’s world governing body FIFA some years ago, a couple of teams have had actually been penalized for match fixing which definitely proves that the  phenomenon actually exists to a certain extent.

But what that also means is that Match Fixing is not as common as most people make it to be.

It’s an extremely rare occurrence which is mostly guided by uncertainty amongst other things.

And also, the truth about the matter is that there is absolutely no way to be sure that a game has been fixed before kick-off, so we urge punters not to let the phenomenon of match fixing hinder their betting experience.

But we can be sure about one thing and that’s the fact that Leagues such as the LA Liga, Bundesliga, Premier League, Ligue 1 and more of Europe’s elite leagues are completely unfixable, so while match fixing remains a rare occurrence, the rarity surrounding it only exists in the relatively unknown leagues rather than the top divisions.

There are a lot of Facebook pages, sites and blogs which claim to offer fixed game services, well we know for a fact that most of them are frauds who are just looking to take advantage of punters. (Do not patronize fixed games services), we should also remember that match fixing is a serious crime.

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bet9ja mobile version

Bet9ja overview

By the looks of things Bet9ja is most definitely a bookmaker of high standards which thrives to provide the best user experienced for its customers.

They provide amazing odds and a variety of betting options, they also have an online Casino for punters to use on the side along with their usual sports betting.

The major shortcoming of Bet9ja is the fact that it’s only based in Nigeria hence other countries are restricted from its use, so that’s definitely something the bookie has to work on in the near future. Bet9ja is also only available in English.

Notwithstanding, they’re still a top class bookmaker, their user interface is quite simplistic which makes it easier for customers to place bets and navigate through the site with ease, they also have quality betting outlets located across Nigeria for those who prefer in-shop play.

Their online payment options are also quite convenient for Nigerians as they enabled the use of the three major Nigerian banks as well as the use of debit card for account funding.

The fact that they don’t have live streaming is a big miss for them, although they’ve provided an avenue for users to keep track of ongoing sports activities.

The fast withdrawal times is a big plus for Bet9ja although the fact that only one withdrawal method is available is a bummer.

So with that said Bet9ja scores a quite strong, yet not ideal rating in our review,  they could’ve scored a little higher if they were based worldwide and didn’t have so many restrictions but apart from that they’re a great bookie and you should definitely create an account on

Use the SPORTMAX promotion Code upon registration at Bet9ja via to get an exclusive bonus to make punting an ecstatic practice.

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